Employee Recognition Programs

Service Award Programs

Sales Recognition Programs

Corporate Apparel Programs

Employee Safety Programs

Why Employee Recognition?

Employee Recognition Programs

Keep esteem levels high, productivity flowing and overall employee enthusiasm positive.  It is for these reasons that corporations implement and maintain Employee Recognition Programs.  Research shows that employee recognition promotes positive attitudes and increased productivity. In fact, a motivating, positive work environment can, at times, mean the difference between the success and failure of an organization.  Employees need a sense of belonging. They need to feel that they have made a difference, and that their contribution has been recognized and appreciated; that they are worthy and respected.  Every business is unique in its own way, so allow Reward Connections to develop and implement a program that best suits your own business needs.

Award Programs

Reward your employees for their loyalty.  Recognize employees at milestone length of service intervals, such as five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five years to show your appreciation and gratitude for their commitment.

Recognition Programs

By recognizing your top sales performers you will keep them goal oriented, focused and motivated. People work harder at achieving their goals when they know their contributions will be recognized and appreciated.


Corporate Apparel Programs

Increase your company image and profile by establishing a line of corporate apparel; one of the most cost effective and efficient advertising mediums available.  We can pick a few of the most popular apparel items and build a merchandising program specifically for you.

Employee Safety Programs

  Promote a safer work environment. Keep your employees safety conscious. This type of program works well in factories, warehouses and safe driving programs for the transportation industry.

Why should we spend the time and the money on an Employee Recognition Program?

To achieve and maintain a positive work environment.

To help achieve organizational goals and objectives.

To increase productivity.

To help promote a healthy work environment.

To foster team work.

To recognize the efforts of your most valuable asset…Your Employees.